10 consecutive losses in extension, 1 point win rate is 30%… Unlucky San Diego, will the last game of ‘Fall Baseball’ be possible?

San Diego’s sluggishness this season in the major leagues is at an inexplicable level. The pitching index is at the top of the league, but the win rate is less than 50%.

San Diego lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-8 at home on the 7th. Kim Ha-seong, who started as the first batter and third baseman, played his part by doing a ‘multi-on-base’ with 1 hit and 1 walk in 3 at-bats, but he could not prevent the team from losing. Choi Ji-man, who came out as the 7th hitter and first baseman, went 4 at-bats without a hit, and starter Rich Hill, who transferred with Choi Ji-man in a trade from Pittsburgh, was hit with 6 runs in 3 innings.

Until today’s defeat, San Diego is 4th in the district with 55 wins and 57 losses. It is 10 games behind the leading LA Dodgers. It is not easy to get on the last train with the third place in the wild card. There is a 3 game gap with the Chicago Cubs.

San Diego is considered the most disappointing team of the year along with the New York Mets. The performance is not good compared to the money spent. The New York Mets rank first in total team salary, and San Diego ranks third. The New York Mets virtually gave up the postseason by sending out Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer.

Unfortunately, it is San Diego. On the 6th, ESPN summarized the difference between the two teams with one word, “San Diego is not the Mets.” The New York Mets’ margin is -35. Expected results (52-59) and actual results (50-61) are not very different.

San Diego is different. With 518 runs scored and 449 conceded, the margin of error is +69. The number of runs is the second lowest in the league, and the gap between the expected performance (63-49) and the actual performance (55-57) is the largest.

San Diego has gone 6-18 in one-point games this season. Lost all 10 extra-time matches. His batting average in scoring position is 0.231, which is 29th out of 30 teams. Under San Diego, there is only one Oakland team with a win rate of less than 30% (0.286) with 32 wins and 80 losses this season.

It is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the sluggishness in a one-point game, overtime game, or scoring situation. However, it is evaluated that the element of luck works more than skill. It is clear that San Diego is the worst team in the league in terms of competition this season, but the reason cannot be found only in skill.먹튀검증

Although they lost the game that day, San Diego is riding the upward trend little by little. 6-4 in the last 10 games, 18-12 in 30 games.

Kim Ha-sung and Choi Ji-man’s ‘fall baseball’ is not impossible. ESPN quoted an official from an MLB club and said, “San Diego would be a scary team if it could make it to the postseason.”


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