10 players… Double-digit score only ‘5 people’ Korean Air beat OK Finance and confirmed ‘semi-finals’ early 

Korean Air advanced to the semi-finals after defeating OK Financial Group after a close match in a full set.

Korean Air beat OK Financial Group to a set score of 3-2 (25-21 21-25 24-26 25-21 15-9 ) and advanced to the semifinals.

It was the first head-to-head match in the history of the V-League. Before the game, head coach Tommy said, “After Ogino took over, the team has changed technically. I am very happy to be able to do this match. I think it will be a fun day,” he expressed his anticipation.

Coach Ogino said, “The opponent is a champion. We will enter the game as a challenger,” he said. “I am looking forward to the match with Tommy. I will play the game with the mindset and mindset of taking on a challenge.”안전놀이터

Lee Joon of Korean Air played a big role in the first set. Both teams scored 9 points. The attack success rate was excellent at 66%. He smiled while giving the team a lead with blocking and attacking beyond the 20-point mark.

It was the second set in which OK Financial Group kept its lead well. They took a 4-point lead, and Korean Air pursued fiercely, but Jeon Byung-sun and Cha Ji-hwan rolled up their sleeves. Each scored 6 points. At Korean Air, Lee Joon slowed down. only 3 points
It was a three-set deuce match. OK Financial Group blocked Kwak Seung-seok’s attack, took the lead in the counterattack after Digue, and increased the score to 7-2. Korean Air counterattacked after a tenacious defense. The situation narrowed to 12-11 by one point, and Lee Joon’s serve ace exploded, balancing the score at 13-13. OK Financial Group added blocking to make it 23-20 again. Here, Korean Air scored 4 points with Kwak Seung-seok’s consecutive openings, but at the deuce, OK Financial Group ended the set with Park Won-bin’s serve and Shin Shin-jin’s attack.

Korean Air led the game to the 5th set. They ran away by scoring three points in a row at 13-12. Kwak Seung-seok and Lee Joon’s attacks were added to widen the gap by one point. As the opponent’s room was added, he took the set.

Korean Air took a two-point lead. Jin Ji-wi’s blocking and fast attack, Cho Jae-young added strength with blocking, and Kwak Seung-seok scored 7-2, making it 8-2. The opponent’s offense increased, and Korean Air did not miss the lead and fired a
Five players scored in double digits. Lee Jun scored 21 points, Kwak Seung-seok 15 points, Cho Jae-young 13 points, Lee Soo-hwang 13 points, and Jin Ji-wi 10 points. For OK Financial Group, Cha Ji-hwan scored 26 points, Jeon Byung-seon 14 points, and Lee Jin-seong, Park Won-bin, and Shin Shin-jin all scored 10 points, but they were caught up in the mistakes (33 points) poured out in the game (Korean Air 23 points).

Korean Air participated in this competition with a maximum of 10 players. Most of the key players have been left out due to the selection of the national team by age group and national team A, but setter Kwang-woo Yoo and outside hitter Seung-seok Kwak are cruising with the center.celebration.


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