14-year-old Japanese baduk ‘genius girl’ Sumire says, “I want to be active in Korea”… Why?

Sumire Nakamura (仲邑菫, 14), a 3rd dan Baduk ‘genius girl’ who became the youngest member of the Japanese team and won the youngest title, requested to play as a Korean professional player.

According to the Baduk community, including the Korean Baduk Association, on the 12th, Nakamura 3rd Dan recently submitted an application for a guest article to the Korea Baduk Association. Accordingly, the Korea Professional Drivers Association plans to decide whether Nakamura will continue to serve as a guest engineer at the delegates’ meeting held on the 13th.

If approved by the delegates’ meeting, she will be adopted as an official agenda item in the Korean Prayer Council. The Korean Medical Center plans to decide on final approval through the steering committee and board of directors.

There have been almost no cases where proposals submitted by the Professional Drivers’ Association were rejected by the board of directors. Considering this, it is expected that Nakamura’s participation as a guest article will actually be decided at the delegates’ meeting.

According to the Korea Research Institute, a total of three people are currently registered as guest articles, including Alexander Dinerstein (Russia) 3rd Dan, Svetlana Shekshina (Russia) 3rd Dan, and Maria (Ukraine) 1st Dan. China’s Ruinaiwei (59), 9th Dan, who was previously evaluated as the world’s strongest female knight, attracted attention by working as a guest knight in Korea from 1999 to 2011.스포츠토토

In the Baduk world, there is an analysis that Nakamura may be trying to switch to Korea because Korea has a larger professional player base than Japan. She is also known to have many friends of her own age who are close to her because she studied in Korea.

Also, in the world of baduk, it is expected that the domestic baduk world will become more vital if Nakamura acts as a guest knight. It is expected that the addition of a highly talented driver will help other players improve their skills.

Meanwhile, Nakamura 3rd Dan has been learning Baduk since he was 3 years old (Japanese age). He came to Korea in 2015 and studied Baduk for nearly four years, and has won several prizes in domestic children’s Baduk competitions. He also competed in the Korea Origin Research Student League. Nihon Kiwon announced that Nakamura joined the team in 2019 through a special selection process for gifted students. He attracted attention by setting the record of being the youngest player to join the Japanese Baduk world at 10 years and 30 days old.

Nakamura 3 dan also stood out in international competitions, taking 4th place at the ‘Senko Cup World Baduk Women’s Championship 2023’ held in Tokyo, Japan last March.


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