’50 RBIs for 2 consecutive years’ Kim Ha-seong ‘Falling Fall Baseball’

The top play starts with the performance of Kim Ha-seong, who is newly equipped with a ‘customized helmet’.

◀ Report ▶

It’s the first at-bat in the first inning.

He pulls the ball toward his body and makes a hit for the second day in a row.

Then, Kim Ha-seong quickly runs to second base on Soto’s surprise bunt.

But when he sees the ball missing, he throws down his helmet and steps on third base.

Are you still adapting to custom helmets?

And thanks to Tatis’ sacrifice hit, he easily got home and scored the first goal!

In the 6th inning, he had a lucky infield hit, completing his first multiple hit in 7 games.

In the 8th inning, he reported his 50th RBI of the season with a huge sacrifice hit.

The defense was excellent today.

He handles balls deep in the infield with ease…and his chemistry with the pitcher is really perfect!

Despite Kim Ha-seong’s performance in the air defense, San Diego got a finishing hit from St. Louis Edmund and lost the game.스포츠토토


Pittsburgh Bae Ji-hwan’s quick feet were still there.

He continued his three-game hitting streak with an infield hit in the 6th inning… and even added an RBI due to an opponent’s error in the 9th inning.


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