‘Ahn Yoo-jin-Yi Do-hyun’ Star Marketing Success…Daejeon Wins 2nd Fan Friendly Award in K League 1

Daejeon Hana Citizens won the Fan Friendly Award for their star marketing.

The Korea Professional Football Association (KPA) announced the winners of the ▲Full Stadium Award, ▲Plus Stadium Award, ▲Fan Friendly Club Award, ▲Green Stadium Award, and ▲Fan Friendly Club Award by evaluating the crowd attraction performance and marketing performance between rounds 14 and 26 of the K League 1 and K League 2.

This season, the K League 1 has been on a roll, attracting 10,453 paid spectators per game as of the end of the 29th round. Seoul won the Full Stadium Award, which recognizes the club with the highest number of fans. Seoul drew an average of 17,011 paying fans in seven home matches between Rounds 14 and 26, the most of any of the 12 K League 1 clubs.

Jeonbuk took home the “Plus Stadium” award, which recognizes the club with the largest year-over-year increase in attendance. Jeonbuk drew 14,799 paying fans to Jeonju World Cup Stadium, an increase of 4,812 from the first edition.토토사이트

The Fan Friendly Club award went to Daejeon, which received a combined score of 94.6 points. During the period, Daejeon conducted fan-friendly activities such as ▲ star marketing by inviting Ive Ahn Yoo-jin and actor Lee Do-hyun, ▲ holding brand days to unite with the local community such as ‘Buyeo-gun Day’ and ‘Gongju Day’, and ▲ localized activities to expand the popularity of soccer among various groups.

Jeju (88 points), which took second place, was recognized for its ‘Plastic to Green’ program created with fans, and Daegu (84.4 points), which took third place, was recognized for its special promotion with local company ‘T-way’. The Fan Friendly Club Award is awarded by adding the scores of the first jury evaluation (40%) and the second group vote (40% of journalists and 20% of fans).

For the second Green Stadium Award, the winner was determined by combining the evaluation of the match supervisor (70%) and the evaluation of the players (30%). As a result, Ulsan’s home stadium, Ulsan Munsoo Football Stadium, received the highest score. Ulsan Munsoo Football Stadium provided an optimal ground environment due to its systematic operation and excellent management by the Ulsan Facilities Management Corporation. Daegu’s home stadium, DGB Daegu Bank Park, and Suwon FC’s home stadium, Suwon Sports Complex, followed in second and third place, respectively.

In the second round of K League 2 results, Gyeongnam took home both the Full and Plus Stadium awards. In six home matches between Rounds 14 and 26, Gyeongnam drew 3,283 paying fans, an increase of 1,168 from Round 1. This was the largest increase and highest attendance among the 13 clubs in K League 2.

The winner of the K League 2 ‘Fan Friendly Club’ award was Seongnam. Seongnam, which took first place with a combined score of 87.8 points, launched a new ‘membership service’ to strengthen loyal fans, and held themed home games such as ‘Beer Festival in the month of July’ and ‘Office Workers’ Day’. Second place went to Gimcheon (87.6 points) and third to Bucheon (84 points).

The K League 2 “Green Stadium” award went to Mokdong Stadium, home to Seoul Eland. Mokdong Stadium is systematically maintained by the Seoul Sports Facilities Management Organization to ensure that the grass is in excellent condition. Second place went to Busan Gudeok Stadium in Busan, and third place went to Tancheon Sports Complex in Seongnam.


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