Al-Hilal, who recruited Neymar, is about to release the birth of ‘God’s Galactic Corps’?… Emerging as the world’s highest transfer fee spender

‘Middle Eastern version of the Galactic Corps.’

As Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal has confirmed the signing of superstar Neymar, claims have emerged that the so-called ‘New Galactic Corps’ is about to be born.

According to foreign media such as Brazil on the 14th (Korean time), Al-Hilal has concluded negotiations with Neymar, and is scheduled to hold a press conference on the 16th (local time).

It is known that Neymar will receive an annual salary of 320 million euros (approximately 466.1 billion won) for two years and a transfer fee of about 90 million euros (approximately 131.2 billion won).

In this regard, the Saudi Arabian media ‘Yalakora’ featured Al-Hilal’s explosive superstar recruitment in the transfer market this summer and analyzed that he is carrying out a super-large reinforcement besides Neymar.

‘Yalakora’ said, ‘Al-Hilal is getting closer to the club that spends the most (reinforcing players) in the world,’ and ‘so far this summer, it has spent 178 million euros (about 260 billion won) in transfer money.’ Reported.

This is the money that Al-Hilal has already acquired, such as Malcolm (Maukong Silva) from Russia’s Zenit, Ruben Neves from England’s Wolverhampton, Sergei Milinkovic Savic from Italy’s Lazio, and Kalidou Clevari from England’s Chelsea.

Here, while Neymar’s joining is certain, the prospect of ‘Yalakora’ is that additional reinforcements will continue. It is said that Marco Verratti, who belongs to PSG, and Alexander Mitrovic (Fulham) are also included in the recruitment target.스포츠토토

If all of these ‘tycoons’ gather, Al-Hilal will be reborn as the world’s most expensive new ‘galactic corps’.

The ‘Galaxy Corps’ has the same meaning as the ‘Earth Defense Force’, and is the nickname that Real Madrid got when it was enjoying its golden age by building a super-luxurious power with the best players on the planet.

Meanwhile, Al-Hilal previously spent 60 million euros (approximately 87.4 billion won), the highest transfer fee ever in Saudi leagues and non-European leagues, when recruiting Malcolm.

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