Breaking a 7-year silence… Hansol defeats Choi Hyun-sook, the women’s player with the most wins, and has ‘a total of 8 wins’… Park Geun-woo wins the men’s division.

Hansol (36, Rodfield) woke up from 7 years of silence.

In the women’s final of the 25th DSD Samho Cup Pro Bowling Tournament held at Mind Bowling Alley in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th, Hansol defeated Choi Hyun-sook (P&B Woo-chang), who was trying for her 13th win, 215-200.

With this, Hansol, who went straight to the final stage of the TV Finals as the top seed, stood at the top for the first time in seven years since her last tour of Wonju in 2016. Moreover, she clearly showed her resurgence by defeating Choi Hyun-sook, who had the most wins among women (12 wins). 소닉카지노

Choi Hyun-sook, who advanced to the finals in third place in the semifinals, defeated Lim Ga-hye (Ebonite) 268-197 and met Hansol. Choi Hyun-sook took the lead with four consecutive strikes, but she lost the win to Hansol with two splits. 

In the men’s division, Park Geun-woo (33, MK), who was named MVP of the 2022 season, stood at the top. Park Geun-woo defeated Lee Do-heon (DV 8) 249-195 in the men’s final, winning his fourth career win.

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