Coach press conference after similar but different draws between Jeonnam and Seongnam

 “No goals conceded, the players did a good job.” (Seongnam coach Ki-hyung Lee) “It’s a shame we couldn’t score at home.” (Jeonnam coach Lee Jang-jang) Jeonnam and Seongnam, who are busy on their way to the playoffs, have the points

. It was shared. Both teams were lacking in goal scoring ability.

Jeonnam drew 0-0 in the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 30th round match against Seongnam held at Gwangyang Soccer Stadium on the 3rd. Jeonnam had 38 points and Seongnam had 34 points. Jeonnam continued their undefeated streak for 11 consecutive home games, but was disappointed as they stopped short of three consecutive home wins. Seongnam continued its strong performance against Jeonnam this year with 1 win and 2 draws. Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung said at a press conference after the game, “We conceded a large number of goals in the previous game against Gimpo (2-4). It was an away game and we played defense-oriented soccer. The players played well. We finished the game without conceding a goal. We will improve further in the future. “I will try to be aggressive and create chances. I will play away and home differently,” he said. He also said, “The players are showing signs of physical strength. They collapsed in the second half, so we are adjusting the timing of the pressure with the players.”토토사이트

Jeonnam coach Lee Minister said, “Seongnam is strong offensively. Seongnam has a good attacking squad. They dealt with that. It’s good that we finished without conceding a goal. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t score. We’ll prepare during the two-week break. We couldn’t find the right time to improve. “I saved it. There are still 8 games. I will give my all in each game. I will prepare well,” he said.

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