Daniel Kang is in trouble after losing his club during the Solheim Cup away trip

Daniel Kang (USA), a Korean who is participating in the Solheim Cup, a women’s golf competition between the U.S. and Europe, lost the golf club he was carrying on the plane, and after much trouble, he finally got it back two days before the opening of the tournament.

According to the U.S. Golf Channel on the 21st (Korean time), Daniel Kang left the United States and arrived in Malaga, Spain, where the Solheim Cup was held, on the 18th.

But the golf clubs that were supposed to be on the plane were nowhere to be found.

It was discovered that the golf clubs were not on board the flight to Malaga when changing planes in Amsterdam, Netherlands.소닉카지노

Dany El Kang expressed her sorrow by posting on social media that she hoped someone could send the golf club to Malaga as soon as possible.

Daniel Kang played a practice round with clubs he quickly procured from Spain.

Fortunately, I put the putter in a separate storage container and took it on the plane, so there was no problem adjusting to the green.

Titleist also hurriedly sent a new golf club to Malaga in case Daniel Kang was unable to get his club back.

Fortunately, Daniel Kang’s club arrived safely in Malaga from Amsterdam on the 20th.

“It felt like the adventure of a lifetime,” said Danielle Kang, who was happy to hug her golf club again. “My life has always been dramatic. Everything is okay now.”

The Solheim Cup will be held at Finca Cortesin in Casares, Malaga Province, Spain.


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