‘Did I catch it or not?’

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There are various ways to piss off opponents.

A mischievous Hosobi who tricked everyone.

Check out Top Play.

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It is a match between San Diego and Seattle.

In the 4th inning, Tatis Jr.’s batted ball goes straight.

Did center fielder Rodriguez catch it?

His expression is ambiguous, but

the pitcher also has a hard face.

Tatis Jr. thought it was a home run and ran to second base, only then showed the ball in the glove and certified Hosobi.

You’re taking this medicine, right?

Rodriguez’s prank seemed to upset Tatis Jr. a little bit.

This seems to be some kind of nervous warfare.


Next is the US Minor League.

As the runner tries to steal, the catcher throws the ball to second base.

where does the ball go?

Ah.. this hit the pitcher’s head?

He must’ve turned around and didn’t see the ball.

Fortunately, it seems that he avoided major injuries…

But since the part is a part, a detailed examination should be done.메이저놀이터


The last one is the absurd scene from the North American Leagues Cup.

Making a back pass is like giving an assist to the opponent.


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