Director Klinsmann promised to ‘reside in Korea’… Now, change your words to “I need to work abroad”

At ​​a press conference when he took office in March, Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), the coach of the national soccer team, promised, “Of course I will live in Korea.” However, now, seven months after taking office, he has not only broken his promise, but has changed his stance, saying, “In order to broaden my international horizons, I need to work abroad.”

At a media conference held at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) on the morning of the 9th, Coach Klinsmann refuted the controversy over ‘frequent outings’ by saying, “If you are the head coach of the national soccer team, you must broaden your international horizons, so you must work abroad.” “I will do my work the same way I have been doing it,” he emphasized.

After taking office as the head coach of the national soccer team in March, Coach Klinsmann was asked at the inauguration press conference whether the contract included a condition for residing in the country, saying, “Yes. “I will spend most of my time in Korea,” he answered without hesitation. At the same time, he added, “Only coaches will be in Europe watching the games of European players and have discussions through video conferences.”

However, since Coach Klinsmann took charge of the national soccer team, he has been living at home in the United States and in Europe. In fact, the period of his stay in the country so far is a little over 70 days. Even that amount is reduced by half, excluding the A-match warm-up period in March and June. In the end, starting with the September international match (Wales and Saudi Arabia), the press conference announcing the roster was abolished and replaced with a single press release.

Director Klinsmann, who was embroiled in controversy over ‘frequent outings’ and ‘negligence on duty’ while failing to keep his promise to reside in the country, developed distrust in himself and eventually faced strong criticism. In particular, at a time when it is necessary to discover new gems by watching domestic players, I only watch European matches, and also work as a panelist for overseas media, or as a technical analyst for FIFA and an advisor for UEFA. Public opinion worsened as he participated in various events that had nothing to do with the national soccer team.

Accordingly, Coach Klinsmann was scheduled to go to Munich, Germany right after the international international match in September mid-last month, but he had no choice but to return to Korea to quell criticism. However, he left the country again just five days later, incurring public outrage. Immediately afterwards, he appeared as a panelist on the global media ‘ESPN’ talk show at his home in the United States, adding fuel to the boiling public opinion.

Coach Klinsmann, however, refuted the criticism by saying, “The way I think of the national soccer team’s role and work performance is very different from the way domestic fans and media are accustomed to,” and added, “If you are the head coach of the soccer team, you must broaden your international horizons and expand your international horizons. “I have to be active,” he said, expressing his firm philosophy.먹튀검증

He said, “Ultimately, the national soccer team has to play international matches. In particular, major competitions are usually held overseas. “We need to understand how the opposing country prepares and plays games, and watch how the opposing country’s players, who mainly play in overseas leagues, perform,” he said. “We must have a broad international perspective. It is right to analyze and prepare while traveling abroad. “I will continue to operate in the way I carry out my duties,” he said, predicting that he will spend more time overseas rather than domestically.

Of course, if Director Klinsmann had achieved clear results while continuing his work overseas, he would likely agree. But when I ask him if he can agree when he looks back on the past 7 months, he doesn’t at all. After taking office, his performance was poor, with only 1 win (3 draws and 2 losses) during the 6 A matches played. In particular, he was constantly pointed out for his poor offense, scoring only 5 points, and unstable defense, allowing 6 runs.

In addition, it was evident that Coach Klinsmann did not directly observe the players each time he called up. Controversy continued as he failed to properly understand how to use some players, and he also raised questions by selecting players with poor performance. Aside from the fact that the performance and results are not good, there is virtually no way to expand the international horizons that has been of great help to the national soccer team so far.

Coach Klinsmann, however, said, “Personally, it could be an idea to open a Korean Football Association (KFA) office in London, England,” and added, “The main players of the national soccer team are European. “If we set up an office in Europe, we will be able to more easily and continuously observe the players and understand their situation,” he said, strongly indicating that he wants to continue his life in Europe. Compared to when he took office, he has completely changed 180 degrees, and he continues to behave in a contradictory manner.

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