‘From condolence wreaths to one-man protests’ Fans anticipate collective action following Suwon coach dismissal

Renewing the team atmosphere was important, but the method was very wrong. Suwon fans had to let coach Kim Byeong-soo go in vain.

Suwon Samsung announced on the 26th that coach Kim Byeong-soo has stepped down, taking responsibility for poor performance, and Yeom Ki-hoon will lead the remainder of the season as acting coach. 

Regarding the reason for the dismissal of coach Kim Byeong-soo, Suwon said, ‘We decided that special measures were inevitable in order to overcome the desperate crisis and revive the spark of hope.’ Of course, there is an opinion that the dismissal was inevitable in a situation where only 1 win was achieved in the last 7 games and 4 consecutive losses, including a loss to Daegu with 10 players, but there were two games left before the split round and the coach had to shave his head

. The majority opinion is that if there had been enough will to go through with it, there would have been room to wait a little longer.

In a situation where the sending was already wrong, the appointment of a successor also raised questions among fans. Yeom Ki-hoon was immediately appointed as the next acting director. In the Premier League, manager Gareth Southgate and interim manager Ryan Giggs have become playing managers, but Yeom Ki-hoon is the first player to become a playing manager throughout the history of the K League. In modern soccer, teams distinguish between players and coaches, so there are not many cases where a player also serves as a coach. Suwon accomplished this difficult task.

Of course, it may have been a decision made based on the judgment that there were not many leaders with a P-level license and that the successor coach would not come to the team that was in danger of relegation, but this decision is causing strong opposition from fans. In particular, there are many concerns that the loss of another legend is virtually certain.

Suwon has already seen a lot of bloodshed due to the so-called ‘Real Blue’ policy. Beginning with coach Yoon Seong-hyo in 2010, legends who shared Suwon’s brilliant history as players, including Seo Jeong-won in 2013, Park Geon-ha in 2020, and Lee Byeong-geun in 2022, were appointed as coaches, but the ending did not end well.

In particular, the ending was a hurtful ending to both the fans and the coach, and the fans no longer wanted a legend from Suwon to become the coach, and even if Yeom Gi-hoon was to come as the coach of Suwon, they thought it should be done after he had accumulated a wealth of leadership experience.

However, strangely enough, the club selected Yeom Ki-hoon, known as Suwon’s living legend, as acting manager. Fans’ reactions to this have already crossed a river that cannot be undone. They are angry that they are using a shallow tactic to prevent the front office’s mistakes with the legendary Yeom Yeom-hoon.

Suwon fans are already ready to take group action. Suwon Samsung’s supporters, Frente Tricolor, issued a statement on the 26th saying, “Following the dismissal of coach Kim Byeong-soo, we no longer want to remain silent about the front office’s attempts to hide their incompetence by using support for the players as a shield.” did.

‘We demand that supporters be informed of the club’s position and provide accurate information without distortion or falsehood regarding this incident.’ They responded strongly, and individual supporters placed wreaths of condolences at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, where the club’s secretariat is located, and held a Suwon Die (Suwon Die) event. A hanging sign saying “is dead” was hung outside the stadium. The relationship between fans and the club is heading toward catastrophe, to the extent that some fans have even staged a one-person relay protest criticizing the team’s management at the stadium and are predicting collective action if improvements are not made in the remaining games.

Suwon Samsung’s general manager Oh Dong-seok said in a statement, “I will not avoid responsibility. However, for now, I will focus on surviving, and after the season is over, I will accept criticism and caning from fans. Please do not withdraw your support, and our players will be in danger until the end. Although they are trying to appease their fans by saying, “Please join us to overcome this,” it is difficult to overcome public sentiment that has already turned.먹튀검증

Continuing defeat, a hard-to-understand decision made in a situation where the relegation playoffs are already approaching and direct relegation is within sight. If this decision does not change, Suwon fans may have to send their legend off in disgrace again.

Even if Acting Manager Yeom pulls off a miracle and stays in the remaining games, the Suwon club can freely use Manager Ki-Hoon Yeom as a shield to act as regent, which is why fans are even more angry about this decision. However,  as fans worried, Yeom Ki-hoon, another legend and a novice acting manager who could not be compared to other managers who came before him, took charge of Suwon Samsung.

What will be the fate of Suwon’s living legend Yeom Ki-hoon, acting manager, who cannot be compared to Seo Jeong-won, Park Geon-ha, and Lee Byung-geun? Four days later, a desperate match that will either be a test or a guillotine will take place in Incheon.


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