IOC “Doesn’t reinvestigate Sotnikova doping allegations… The past two tests have already been negative.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) notified that it would not be able to investigate the question raised by the Korean Olympic Committee regarding the re-investigation of Adelina Sotnikova (27, Russia), the gold medalist in figure skating women’s single event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

According to the Korea Sports Council on the 7th, the IOC sent a reply on the 4th to the Sports Council’s inquiry regarding the Sotnikova doping issue, stating that ‘re-investigation is impossible’.

An official from the Sports Association said, “‘Sotnikova’s sample A came out negative in the doping test in 2014, and in 2017, a large-scale test targeting Russian players did not find any problem with Sotnikova’s doping rule violation.” said.메이저놀이터

Then, “The Sports Association raised the question, ‘Isn’t it necessary to investigate the issue of the 2014 A sample positive test that Sotnikova confided in her mouth?’ It has become difficult,” he explained.

At the 2014 event, Sotnikova won the gold medal by beating South Korea’s Yuna Kim (33) thanks to her poor judgment.

Sotnikova, who retired in 2020, appeared on the YouTube channel of Russian influencer Lilia Abramova on the 6th of last month to talk about the doping case of Kamila Valiyeva (Russia). A reaction came out. She then ran the test again (on the B sample) and found no problems and was not disciplined,” she recalled.

When Sotnikova’s remarks became known, Russian media reported Sotnikova’s words extensively, and the Korean Olympic Committee, recognizing this, decided to request a reinvestigation of Sotnikova’s doping status to the IOC on the 12th of the same month.

In response, Sotnikova said on Instagram, “I did not say that I did doping, but that ‘they (WADA or International Olympic Committee) concluded that they found traces of doping in my body.’” “At that time (2014 ) and now, the people who tested me didn’t question whether I was doped or not. No one can take the important things away from me,” she protested.

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