‘Just 3 more’ Kim Ha-seong, ’20-20 club’ in front of you… Current home run pace of 21-22, stolen base likely to exceed 30

What remains now is whether Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) joins the ’20-20 Club’.

San Diego’s ability to advance into fall baseball is becoming increasingly rare. They are still 5.5 games behind the third-place team, the wild card Maginot line. San Diego has 33 games left. Unless there is a dramatic turnaround, fall baseball has practically gone.

Ha-seong Kim did his best to win the team this season. He didn’t mind playing the hustle. He was very active in ball-su-ju.스포츠토토

His offensive stats are at career highs. His batting average (0.278), on-base percentage (0.369), and slugging percentage (0.445) improved from last season. In particular, the number of home runs increased due to power-loaded batting. He had 11 last season, but as of the 26th (Korean time) this season, he hit 17.

Kim Ha-seong recorded 17 home runs in 120 games he entered the plate this season, drawing a home run arch per about 7 games. If you play all the remaining 33 games, you can add 4 to 5 more. That’s 21-22 faces.

To join the ’20-20 Club’, players must record 20 or more home runs and 20 or more stolen bases in a season. Ha-seong Kim has already surpassed 20 (29) in the stolen base category. He is trending to break 30.

Among Korean major leaguers, Choo Shin-soo is the only player who has joined the ’20-20 Club’, a symbol of the ‘hotajunjok’. He recorded in 2009, 2010 (more Cleveland) and 2013 (Cincinnati).

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-seong recorded hits in 83 games (69.1%) out of 120 games this season, and recorded multiple hits (25%) in 30 games.


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