Lee Seung-woo’s scoring, which has started to return to winning points, leads Suwon FC’s competition for survival

Following Seung-Woo Lee’s scoring frequency increased, scoring began to lead to winning points.

Suwon FC, who played the 29th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 1st, defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen 1-0.

Seungwoo Lee led Suwon FC to victory. In the 32nd minute of the first half, during Suwon FC’s corner kick attack, the ball flew past the heads of Hugo Gomes and Kim Hyun to the right side of the goal. Seungwoo Lee rushed to the goal without losing concentration and kicked the ball into the goal without hesitation. Suwon FC maintained the lead until the end, and Lee Seung-woo’s score became the winning goal.안전놀이터

Seungwoo Lee had difficulties this season. Above all, he had fewer attack points compared to last season, when he performed excellently. While he appeared in 21 games through July, he scored 3 goals and 2 assists. In particular, the shooting accuracy was disappointing. Last year, he scored 14 points with 63 shots, but until July of this year, he scored only three times out of 50 shots.

It has been rebounding since August. It started with a scoring shot in the 25th round ‘Suwon Derby’. Suwon FC’s key striker Ras seemed to be affected when he was excluded from the team for drunk driving, but he is continuing his scoring streak again after only one game off. Since the 27th round match against Gangwon FC, he has scored 3 consecutive goals and 4 goals in the last 5 games.

The departure of the main gun did not give Lee Seung-woo more shooting opportunities. Rather, the number of shots per game decreased compared to the previous 21 games, but accuracy increased. He attempted 10 shots in 5 games and scored 4 goals.

Moreover, Seungwoo Lee’s recent scores are directly related to the winning points. Until July, he couldn’t just smile even after accumulating attack points. Previously, Suwon FC’s performance in the 5 games in which Lee Seung-woo recorded 3 goals and 2 assists was 1 draw and 4 losses. In the 4 games in which he scored since August, he has 3 wins and 1 loss.

Last season, Lee Seung-woo’s offensive points were a big help in Suwon FC’s winning points. Seung-Woo Lee recorded an attack point in 15 league games last year, and at that time, Suwon FC won 8 games. On the other hand, in 23 games without Lee Seung-woo’s scoring contribution, they only achieved 5 wins. The difference was large, with a win rate of 53% and 22%, respectively.

From Suwon FC’s perspective, with an important period ahead, it is very positive that Lee Seung-woo is not only scoring more frequently but also regaining his prowess as a problem solver. 10th place Suwon FC (29 points), which is competing to survive in K League 1, is 8 points behind 12th place Gangwon FC (21 points), which could face direct relegation, and 9th place Jeju United (points) is out of danger of the promotion playoffs. 35) and 6 points apart. There is still a match against a ranking competitor in the final round, so there is every possibility of moving up or down.


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