Lim Seong-jae returns to Korea, “Who will be the foreign player?”… ‘All in’ for final preparations for the Asian Games

“Who will come from other countries such as China and Japan?” Lim

Seong-jae (25), who returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport at 6 a.m. on the 18th, will participate in the men’s golf match at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held 10 days later. He showed interest in foreign players coming out.

Following the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Lim Seong-jae will wear the Taegeuk symbol in the men’s golf match at the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will be held at West Lake Golf Club in Hangzhou, China, starting on the 28th. He is determined to win the medal this time that he failed to win in Tokyo two years ago.

Lim Seong-jae, who returned to Korea today after resting for about two weeks after finishing the regular season of the PGA Tour and doing personal training, plans to build his body by doing personal training in the Suwon area of ​​Gyeonggi-do before leaving for China on the 25th.

Lim Seong-jae, who did not receive any special information related to the Asian Games while staying in the United States, said, “Is there any other country other than Korea that produces professional athletes?” and added, “I am curious because I have not yet received information about the participating athletes.”

Seongjae Lim is ranked 27th in the world, the highest among male athletes participating in the Asian Games. He is one of the players that foreign players should be most wary of. However, as he was well aware of the variable nature of golf, he paid attention to who the foreign players would be competing for medals.

The list of players participating in the men’s and women’s golf matches at the Hangzhou Asian Games has not been officially released. According to competition regulations, it will be announced just before the opening. However, through various channels, it has been confirmed that professional players from India, Thailand, China, and Taiwan appear in the men’s game.

In India, Anirban Lahiri and Shubhankar Sharma, who play in Europe and the Asian Tour, will appear, and in Thailand, Asian Tour powerhouses Pachara Kongwatmai and Poom Saksan will participate, and from the host country, China, professional players such as Ua Soon will participate and are expected to compete for a medal with our national team. am.

Seongjae Lim, who has won twice on the PGA Tour, is one step ahead in terms of skill. However, given the nature of the Asian Games, where national honor is at stake rather than individuals, and the competition for a medal in just 4 rounds and 72 holes, you cannot let down your guard and take any opponent lightly.

To hunt for a medal, passing the cutoff is a priority.

With professional players participating for the first time in this year’s Asian Games, the format of the game has changed from before. The biggest change is the cutoff system.

According to the Korea Golf Association, starting this year, for the first time, after a 36-hole match, individuals and groups will have a cutoff based on their performance and then compete in the finals to compete for the color of the medal.

Through the first 1 and 2 rounds of 36-hole matches, the men’s top 40 individual and top 10 team teams advance to the finals, and the women’s cutoff to the 20th individual and 7 team teams. Considering the history, all four players in Korean men’s golf are expected to pass the cut with ease.먹튀검증

Seongjae Lim said, “I heard that once you enter China, you will live in the athletes’ village and prepare for the game. “There are only about two days until the opening, so I think I will need to adapt quickly,” he said. “As Kim Si-woo, Jang Yu-bin, and Jo Woo-young, who are participating in the Asian Games together, are all showing good performances, I think it will be worth a try. He emphasized the final hardening for the Asian Games, saying, “I will train with a swing coach and improve my performance as much as possible before leaving the country on the 25th.”

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