Lions captain now a long-term left fielder, not right? “Rafa is at third base, so it’s a fitness decision”

Samsung Lions “captain” outfielder Koo Ja-rook is making a surprise start in left field instead of his usual defense position of right field. Samsung manager Park Jin-man had been planning to shift Koo’s position with a long-term view.

Samsung will play the Lotte Giants in Ulsan on September 6. After losing 3-10 the previous day, the team hopes to bounce back with Widener on the mound.스포츠토토

On that day, Samsung will face Lotte starter Na Kyun-ahn with a starting batting order of Kim Hyun-jun (center field), Kim Sung-yoon (right field), Koo Ja-uk (left field), Kang Min-ho (catcher), Pirela (designated hitter), Oh Jae-il (first base), Ryu Ji-hyuk (third base), Lee Jae-hyun (shortstop), and Kim Ji-chan (second base).

The surprise start in left field for Koo, whose primary position is right field, is notable. Park emphasized that this was not a temporary decision, but rather a decision made with a long-term perspective.

Speaking to reporters before the game on June 6, Park said, “Koo Ja-rook continued to play in right field for team reasons, but considering his physical condition, I think it will be better for the team if he moves to left field. Kim Sung-yoon has been doing a good job defending in right field. Koo Ja-rook has also practiced in left field a few years ago. We also took into consideration the physical condition of our bench, as Rapak’s third base is our home field. It will also ease the burden on his defense.”

There is also the effect of moving Kim Sung-yoon, who has a good throw, to right field. “It’s better for a player with strong shoulders to play right field,” Park said. I’ve been a third base coach, but it’s hard to be a strong right fielder when the opposing first baseman can come to third base at once. With a shoulder like Kim Sung-yoon’s, you can see that kind of defensive effect.”

Veteran catcher Kang Min-ho also returned to the starting lineup after recovering from a hand injury. Kang had been out of the starting lineup for Game 5 after injuring his palm while fielding in a game last weekend.

Park said, “As a center fielder and a veteran catcher, there is a big difference between having Kang Min-ho and not having him. I’m looking forward to working with him. Our starting pitcher, Widener, who works with Kang Min-ho, was strong against Lotte, so we hope he will pitch well today.”

Samsung’s schedule includes a weekend doubleheader. After hosting the Ulsan Lotte on July 7, the team will play a four-game series against the Doosan Bears and Jamsil, including a doubleheader on July 8-10. It’s inevitable that Park will have to use alternate starters.

Park said, “First of all, Won Tae-in will play tomorrow (July 7). After that, the starting rotation will be Dae-woo Kim (8th), Buchanan (9th DH1), Choi Ha-neul (9th DH2), and Choi Chae-heung (10th). In Choi’s case, I chose him because he had the best report from the Future Team. With Baek Jeong-hyun out, the starting rotation is not easy to manage.”

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