‘Loser’ Kim Sang-sik “Fourth-quarter slump was a defeat”

After losing to Seoul SK in the opening round of the Korean Professional Basketball League, Anyang’s head coach Kim Sang-sik blamed a poor fourth quarter for the loss.

The team lost 74-89 to SK in the opening game of the professional basketball season at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on Nov. 21.

In the opening game, the team, which was greatly weakened by the departure of its main offseason players and injuries to Omari Spellman and Moon Sung-gon, battled with SK until the third quarter, but showed a lack of heart in the fourth quarter.

In particular, the 46 points conceded to SK’s Jamil Warney were painful.

“We played well in the first half, but we started the fourth quarter with errors and gave up consecutive points to the opponent, and the players’ confidence dropped as we couldn’t stop Warney,” Kim said after the game.온라인카지노

It was also disappointing that players who fought well in the first half, such as Bae Byeong-jun and Kim Kyung-won, slumped in the second half.

“I think the lack of offense stuck in the players’ minds,” said Kim. We only scored nine points in the fourth quarter. “I was worried before the season that the players would panic when the game didn’t go their way. We saw that again today. It’s a problem we need to solve in the future.”

The absence of players like Oh Se-geun and Yang Hee-jong, who were the centerpiece of the team until last season, is also having an impact.

Kim said, “(Park) Ji-hoon and (Choi) Sung-won are both good, but in terms of leading, Bae Byeong-joon and Oh Se-geun have been holding us up. I’m asking Ji-hoon and Sung-won to fulfill that role a lot. I think they will get better in the future.”


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