‘Mad Men’ Preller, was he really ‘mad’? U.S. media exposes “Involvement in dugout, serious discord with manager”

After all, there was a reason why the San Diego Padres could not win the championship even though they had a team of stars.

The Athletic, an American sports media outlet, said on the night of the 19th (Korean time) about San Diego’s disappointing performance this season, “The Padres’ disastrous season turned out to be due to a shaky organization and structural failures.”

At the center of the failure is San Diego President AJ Preller. He was known as a scout and training expert for the Texas Rangers, and after taking office as general manager in San Diego, he attracted attention for his aggressive player recruitment and development of prospects. As soon as he took office, he gathered major stars such as Craig Kim Brall and Matt Kemp to challenge the postseason, and when he failed, he immediately disposed of the players and re-collected prospects. They gathered big prospects, including Fernando Tatis Jr., and challenged the postseason starting in 2020. A large number of major stars who were acquired as free agents (free agents) or through trades and signed extended contracts, including Manny Machado, Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, Juan Soto, and Xander Bogaerts, were also deployed. Thanks to his aggressive trades and contracts that broke common sense, his nickname was Mad Man.

The problem appears to have arisen because his proactiveness did not stop at the external aspect. The Athletic reported that Preller’s disagreement with coach Bob Melvin is serious. The media claimed, “As San Diego collapsed this season, the relationship between President Preller and Manager Melvin broke up. The discord between the two has become one of the secrets that cannot be hidden in the baseball world.”

The media pointed out that Preller engages in micro-management (the act of a leader directly taking charge of everything in detail) and that he “tries to take responsibility for everything.” A former San Diego employee added, “Preller’s direct approach is both irritating and admiring.” He also pointed out that the front office blamed the coaching staff when results were not achieved, and that there was a long-standing discord between the field and the club.먹튀검증

Since the general manager directly interferes in the field, it is natural for there to be discord with the manager. Coach Melvin is a veteran who has coached 20 seasons in MLB and has won the Manager of the Year award three times. However, the media said, “Current and former club officials said there were situations where Coach Melvin said something different from what Preller told the players. One player compared the situation to what children suffer when a couple’s relationship deteriorates. “He introduced.

Coach Melvin also appears to be taking a lot of responsibility for San Diego’s poor performance this season. In particular, he left something to be desired in his player selection, losing all 11 games in overtime despite having Josh Hader, the best closing pitcher. However, it is still a question mark whether the problem can be solved by changing the director. A former San Diego coach asked, “Preller is looking for a coach to lead the superstars he has amassed. And I don’t know who that is. If it’s not Melvin (who has charisma and experience), then who is it?”

It seems unlikely that President Preller will be held responsible right away. This is because club owner Peter Sadler has expressed strong trust several times. However, if Preller’s organizational management is still ‘mad’,


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