Mane leaves for Saudi Arabia, becomes owner of French fourth division team

Sadio Mane has become the president of French Ligue 4 side Bourgefoot 18.

France’s L’Equipe reported on Wednesday (June 26), “Mane became the new president of Bourges-Fort on Wednesday. It is the culmination of three years of work in partnership with team president and friend Sheikh Silla.”

Mane is a living Senegalese legend. He won the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and English Premier League (EPL) titles for the first time as a Senegalese player, and led his country to its first-ever Africa Cup of Nations title.

This summer, he moved to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr. He moved to Bayern Munich ahead of last season, but was unable to regain his form after suffering an injury just before the World Cup. Add to that a feud with his teammates, including the Sane assault controversy, and Mane himself became disillusioned with the German media and opted for a move to Saudi Arabia after just one season.

Mane plays happy soccer in Saudi Arabia and is now the owner of a French fourth division club. Mane is the new owner of Bourgefoot. Bourgefoot announced Mane’s arrival on their official social media accounts.토스카지노

Following the announcement, Mane said, “We will develop together and create the structure of the club. It is a huge challenge. The people of Bordeaux have been alert,” he said, adding that “the mayor of Bordeaux convinced me through discussions and sporting guarantees” and revealing why he took over the club.

Mayor of Bourges, Jan Galloux, said: “I want to thank everyone with whom we had discussions. I want to mention that we met a year ago at Liverpool, and I couldn’t wait for Mane to come,” he said, adding that he was convinced that Mane would be a great addition to the club.

Mane’s decision to buy Bourjoufut was reportedly influenced by the potential for the development of Senegalese soccer. In the past, Mane has given back to his country by building schools, hospitals, and providing money and free internet to those living in extreme poverty. He has also done good deeds in soccer by building soccer fields and giving away sportswear for free.

“We want to promote a life of sharing and togetherness and have a strong connection with Senegal,” Cilla told L’Equipe. Last year, the club sent soccer equipment to Senegal. We want to expand this partnership even further,” Mane explained.

Of course, the club also wants to develop itself. Currently, Bourjoufout is in 13th place out of 14 teams in the fourth division with one win, one draw, and five losses in seven games. With Mane’s support, the club aims to gain promotion to Ligue 1 in 2030, according to Sila.

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