Mbappe joins Real Madrid at age 25?…Club director mentions

It is claimed that Kylian Mbappe will join Real Madrid around the age of 25.

Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ introduced the interview with Lastress, saying, “Will the rumors of Mbappe’s move to Real finally end? Interesting remarks by Jose Manuel Otero Lastress, who has been on the Real board of directors for over 20 years, attracted people’s attention.” did.

In an interview with ‘Lemontada Blanca’, Lastres said: “Zinedine Zidane came to Real when he was 29 years old. Mbappe will come around 25 years old. Mbappe has a lot of time with us. Bringing Mbappe back a year ago “The amount we had to pay was ridiculous. Moreover, in order for Mbappe to come to Real, he had to give up the huge bonus he had agreed with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).”

Mbappe is a regular customer linked to Real every transfer window. There have been rumors of a transfer to Real since his days at AS Monaco, and even after Mbappe moved to PSG, the transfer rumors continued every year. The fact that Mbappe’s dream club is Real, that his idol is Real’s legend Cristiano Ronaldo, and that Real, which wants to recruit world-class players, will not ignore Mbappe, added weight to the theory of Mbappe’s transfer to Real. .안전놀이터

There were transfer rumors even before this season started. At the time, Mbappe was maintaining a confrontational relationship with President Nasser Al-Khelaifi after saying that he would not renew his contract with PSG, and it was reported that Real took advantage of this opportunity to approach Mbappe. Although Mbappe chose to stay at PSG,

Mbappe turns 25 at the end of this year. Lastres claims that Mbappe will join Real at least in the summer transfer window next year. As Mbappe will become a free agent starting next summer, Real will be able to meet the conditions and recruit Mbappe through personal negotiations with him. That is, unless Mbappe renews his contract with PSG before then.

Meanwhile, Lastres believed that Mbappe was a better fit for the team than Erling Haaland. Lastres said of Haaland’s transfer rumors, “For Haaland to score, the whole team has to play.”

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