Medal hopeful (28) Wushu Seo Hee-joo

Even now, Seo Hee-ju (29, Jeonnam Wushu Association) is heartbroken when she thinks about what happened at the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia five years ago.

After winning a bronze medal in the wushu turo event at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, she worked hard for four years with the goal of winning a gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

He arrived at the stadium in good spirits on the morning of the game, but as a lie, the cruciate ligament in his left knee ruptured with 5 minutes left before the game started.

Recalling that time, Seo Hee-joo said, “As he was checking his jumping motion and landing, his knee spun. The cruciate ligament was torn, and he had to undergo surgery twice after that.”

There is no one who would not be shaken after something big like that happens.

Seo Hee-joo looked back and said, “For a few months, I was depressed and all I could think about was that scene (where I got injured). I trained thinking (Jakarta) would be my last Asian Games, but I couldn’t believe it.”

Five years have passed since then.

Seo Hee-ju warming up before the game

Until last year, my injured knee still hurt, but now the pain is gone and I have regained my confidence.

Seo Hee-joo said, “Wushu is not an official Olympic sport, but for us, the Asian Games are the same as the Olympics. We are desperate and greedy for this stage after waiting for five years. I am so nervous that I can’t sleep already. I spend every day just thinking about the Asian Games. “He explained.

The fact that the Hangzhou Asian Games, originally scheduled to be held last year, was postponed for a year due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) was a blessing in disguise for Seo Hee-joo.

As he was young for a Wushu player, he was initially concerned that the competition itself would be canceled, but he prepared for one more year and his physical condition improved.

Seo Hee-joo said, “Time is definitely a weakness. For a while, it was difficult to think about when I was injured, but now I deliberately look for and look at photos from that time. In this Asian Games, I am also thinking about the situation at that time and trying to enjoy it before the game.” It’s done.

Seo Hee-joo at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games
[Yonhap News file photo]

Wushu is divided into Santa, where players compete against each other, and Turo, where martial arts are performed alone, at the Asian Games.

Seo Hee-joo will compete in two specific events: swordsmanship and spearmanship in this competition. Medals are awarded by adding up the scores from both events.

Seo Hee-joo said, “Of course, my goal is a medal. However, because of what I experienced five years ago, my goal was to not get hurt and show off the skills I prepared without regrets. I think I will be moved to tears if I stand on the Asian Games stage again.”먹튀검증

He said that he worked hard on physical training to be able to perform well and that he gained confidence thanks to his improved physical condition.

Seo Hee-joo said, “The jumping movement is important in Wushu. If there is any wobble here, you will fall from 1st to 10th place. Jumping and landing are important, but the knee pain disappears and you land stably. The detailed expression, rhythm, and choreography composition are also diverse. “I prepared,” he explained.

Seo Hee-ju, who actually shows flashy movements like a hero in a martial arts movie when watching a match, started wushu at a young age under the influence of her father, who runs a dojang.

People around him often ask him if he actually likes martial arts magazines or martial arts movies, but he laughs and says, “Honestly, I like melodrama and romance more than martial arts.”

This Asian Games is the last stage for Seo Hee-joo.

She said, “As a Korean female athlete, I am retiring extremely late. This is my first time playing as an athlete at this age. In many ways, I am even more desperate for this competition because it is my last.”

In the past, when Hong Kong movies were at their peak of popularity, many Wushu studios were established in the country.

Nowadays, its status has narrowed to a sport practiced by a small number of elite athletes.

Seo Hee-joo said, “I want to continue wushu even after I retire, but honestly, there isn’t much room for female athletes. Seniors have changed their careers to become trainers or employees of the Korea Sports Council.”

There is talk in the broadcasting world that attention is being paid to Seo Hee-joo’s star quality.

Seo Hee-joo said, “I really appreciate your words. But for now, I’m only thinking about achieving great success at the Asian Games.”

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