Milwaukee retooling → ‘Cy Young’ Burns on the trade market?

As the Milwaukee Brewers look to rebuild, could they put their Cy Young Award-winning ace on the trade market?

Milwaukee could make any player available for trade as part of a complete team overhaul, according to The Athletic on Tuesday.

Milwaukee won the National League Central this season with a 92-70 record and a .568 winning percentage, but did not fare well in the postseason.

The team will also have a new president and manager after this season. Then there’s Brandon Woodruff, a key piece of the starting rotation, who will likely be unavailable for the 2024 season.

This has led to speculation that Milwaukee could trade any player, including ace Corbin Burns. That the team is willing to rebuild.

Burns, in particular, is more likely to be traded as he has just one year left before free agency. Burns is eligible for free agency after the 2024 season.

Burns pitched 193 2/3 innings in 32 games for the Milwaukee Brewers this season, going 10-8 with a 3.39 ERA.

Down from his Cy Young Award-winning season, but still an ace right-handed starter in the league. Can take over a game with confidence.

In addition to being a free agent after the 2024 season, Burns was also uncomfortable with the Brewers’ contract negotiations ahead of this season. 아톰카지노

Milwaukee has the option of making a qualifying offer after the 2024 season and receiving a rookie draft pick or trading him.

If Milwaukee were to trade Burns this offseason, they would save salary in the final year of the 2024 salary arbitration.

Burns is a solid, one-game starter. If he were to hit the market, he could draw significant interest from multiple teams.

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