Multiple teams, including Utah, are interested in Hiro trade

Attention is focused on Miami Heat’s Tyler Hiro (guard, 196 cm, 88 kg).

According to Jake Fisher, a reporter for Yahoo Sports, several teams, including the Utah Jazz, are showing interest in trading Hiro.

In addition to Utah, the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, and Charlotte Hornets were mentioned. In mid-July, there was news that Brooklyn, Chicago, and Utah were interested in Hiro. Reporter Fisher reported this at the time, and Charlotte was added to the story.

If Miami goes through with the Damian Lillard (Portland) trade, there will be somewhat less reason to keep Hiro, who has a high salary burden. This is because Miami’s total annual salary will increase significantly if it has Jimmy Butler, Lillard, and Bam Adebayo. Therefore, it may be much better to let Hiro go and trade another helper.

The Portland Trail Blazers, the parties involved in the Lillard trade, do not want Hiro. If Miami receives Lillard, whose annual salary exceeds $50 million, it will not be easy to cover the amount of spending. We need to keep Butler and Adebayo while releasing Hiro and Duncan Robinson. This is because the luxury tax can be avoided as much as possible by reducing the total annual salary even slightly.

First of all, Utah may be better off offering the drafting rights to Miami. Miami’s spending is also increasing, so the draft rights could be better. If Yuta takes Hiro without losing his existing power, he will build a powerful force that includes Walker Kessler, John Carlins, and Hiro. It appears that he will have to decide whether to send Colin Sexton or Jordan Clarkson somewhere else in the future or join them.스포츠토토

Brooklyn is best if you add Hiro. However, Michal Bridges, Dorian Finney-Smith, Cameron Johnson, and Nicholas Claxton are already in the lineup. If you have to send a nomination rather than other forces, Hiro will be seated here. Traffic control is needed. As you secure much better cards, your range of maneuver increases. If Ben Simmons can play his basic role, he could exceed expectations.

Chicago is hinting at parting ways with Zack LaVine. If they let go of Lavigne and take on the younger Hiro, Chicago will also choose a new rider. But if he sends LaVine to get Hiro, he has to offload LaVine to Portland. However, it is questionable whether Portland will want LaVine. Realistically, it will not be easy for Chicago to receive Hiro while handing over Lavigne’s contract.

Charlotte is also somewhat limited in what she can offer. It is difficult to meet the conditions unless they are willing to trade LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller. Should she offer her nomination to Charlotte as well, but she doesn’t think it will be easy to make a deal that will appeal to Miami. Since it is not possible to significantly increase the power immediately by bringing in only Hiro, it is questionable how active they will be in the transaction.

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