Philadelphia will not trade Tyrese Maxi

The Philadelphia 76ers are taking a somewhat ambiguous position.

According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhost, Philadelphia will not trade ‘Mad Max’ Tyrese Maxie (guard, 188cm, 91kg).

This is a natural course of action. In a situation where James Harden, the team’s most reliable player, requested a trade, it is not appropriate for Philadelphia to send him, who is currently the top prospect and next key player. However, Philadelphia has yet to sign an extension with Maxi.

Maxi’s contract expires at the end of the upcoming 2023-2024 season. However, Philadelphia has yet to sign an extension with him. It is in stark contrast to the contracts signed by those who are about to expire, including other top players. It could also be that Philadelphia hasn’t completely sorted out their position on Harden. However, it is regrettable that the progress of the contract has been sluggish.

This is because not only Maxi can feel sorry for the individual right now, but it can also be a serious blow to maintaining power in the future. If Philadelphia trades Harden, they should reorganize their lineup around Joel Embiid and Maxie if possible. He marked his leap last season by averaging over 20 points for the first time since entering the NBA. However, if the extension contract with Maxi goes wrong, a red light will be turned on to maintain power in the future.

Molone and Maxie become restricted free agents after the season. Even if another club seeks to sign him, if Philadelphia agrees on the price, he can be seated. However, as much as it can have a subtle effect on the mood and attitude of the players, it can be regrettable in many ways that the extension contract is not readily followed. Looking at the circumstances, there are some aspects of Philadelphia’s handling of work this summer that are somewhat incomplete.안전놀이터

He appeared in 60 games last season. Of which he started as a starter in 41 games. He recorded 20.3 points (.481 .434 .845), 2.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 33.6 minutes per game. After entering the big leagues, he improved every year, and after a successful second year, he showed great improvement last season. He made a lot of progress, averaging 2.7 3-pointers for the season with a success rate approaching 45%.

Harden’s role was crucial. With Harden as the full ballhandler, Maxie was able to focus more on the offense. Harden also helped him settle down. As a point guard, he gave him plenty of offensive opportunities. He rallied his defense and threw a lot of passes at his teammates, with Maxie the biggest beneficiary. Embiid’s presence was, of course, decisive.

If Harden is traded, it will be important whether Maxie can look the same as last season. Accordingly, it is assumed that Philadelphia is trying to calculate the situation a little more. Or, even if he made the record of last season, his efficiency could drop sharply. It seems that he is trying to wrap up Harden’s problem and, if not, start negotiating a contract with Maxi soon.

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