‘Pittsburgh, remaining in business with Choi Ji-man and Hill trade’… Rumbunter “Three people acquired through trade are doing better”

The Pittsburgh Pirates traded Ji-Man Choi and Rich Hill to the San Diego Padres at the trade deadline. Instead, they recruited Estuary Suero, Jackson Wolf, and Alfonso Rivas.

However, the fan site Rumbunter claimed that Pittsburgh made a profit in the trade results.

The site said on the 2nd (local time), “This swap deal will be a big benefit to Pittsburgh in the near future. It could be a big win for the Pirates in the long run.” The point is that Pittsburgh suffered no losses.스포츠토토

The site said, “Hill was a veteran No. 5 starter and Ji-Man Choi was a platoon first baseman. They will be free agents after this season. Sure, both had upside and offered something of value to Pittsburgh, but Hill was an All-Star starter.” “No, Choi Ji-man missed a significant portion of the year. The three players Pittsburgh recruited could help in the long run,” he explained.

Regarding outfielder Suero, the site said, “He has plus speed and could potentially remain in center field long-term. He’s already shown some decent feel for the position. He’s striking out a lot, but he’s only 17 years old. “Considering this, this is a minor problem.”

Next, regarding Sidearm Wolff, “He had a 3.95 ERA, 3.93 FIP, and 1.12 WHIP in Double A this year. His fastball velocity is only in the 80-90 mph range, but he has good command and an above-average slider and curveball. Yes. “The second pitch is a changeup,” he analyzed.

As for Rivas, “He’s not a terrible bench first baseman. He’s slugging .411 this season and posting an above-average OPS. He’s been rated as an above-average defensive first baseman throughout his career. He’s a long-term prospect for the Pirates as a first baseman. “It’s not a permanent solution, but he’s fine as a bench first baseman,” he wrote. He

also wrote, “Ji-Man Choi and Hill have a bWAR of minus 0.9. Rivas is the only player in the Pirates package playing in the major leagues, but his bWAR is minus 0.1. He pointed out, “It’s better than the sum of Choi Ji-man and Hill.”


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