“Playing time: 0 minutes, patience exploding” Dyer, not ‘free’ next June, but ‘out’ in January… Tottenham is also ‘OK’

Eric Dier, the epitome of horror shows, appears to be finally raising the ‘white flag’.

Dier, who has lost his place at Tottenham, is expected to leave Tottenham in January. Britain’s ‘Football Insider’ quoted a Tottenham source on the 3rd (Korean time) and reported that ‘Tottenham is ready to accept Eric Dier’s transfer offer in January.’

Dier’s contract with Tottenham ends in June 2024. He was planning to leave Tottenham as a free agent at the end of his contract.

But he is feeling the limits of his patience. Dyer has not played a single minute this season.

His mood also changed. Dier was included in the entries for the 5th round match against Sheffield United and the 6th round match against Arsenal in the 2023-2024 season English Premier League (EPL).

However, there is no space for him to play in the center back position where Christian Romero and Mickey van der Pen are active. Dier was not included in the entry list again in the 7th round match against Liverpool held on the 1st.

Dier has changed his plans and is seriously considering a move for the club in the January transfer window. AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho, who loved Dier during his time as Tottenham coach, is targeting Dier.

Dier, who joined Tottenham in 2014, played in 361 games. However, his crucial mistakes always caught up with him. Tottenham were planning to offload Dier in the market last summer.

Ahead of the end of the summer transfer window, Burnley, who were promoted to the EPL this season, requested Dier’s loan.

Dier does not suit coach Anger Postekoglou’s football either. In tactics aimed at attacking soccer, speed is the top option for center backs.안전놀이터

Times have also changed. Until last season, Dier had spoken out as a member of the senior leadership group along with Captain Hugo Lloris, Harry Kane, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

However, the current captain is Son Heung-min. Dyer has no way out. Coach Postekoglou is also planning to bring in another center back in the January transfer market.

If Dier moves in January, Tottenham can recoup even a small transfer fee. Dyer is a heavy burden.


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