“Proved Conte wrong” Highest praise

This is a compliment to coach Enze Postecoglou.

Directors cannot avoid comparisons with their predecessors. The previous coach showed better performance and achieved better results, but if the current performance and results are not good, the team and fans cannot trust him. In many ways, it is positive to hear that I am better than my predecessor in this respect.

Coach Postekoglou is like that. Coach Postecoglu, who began leading Tottenham this season, is already being evaluated as being better than his predecessor, Coach Antonio Conte.

Tottenham Hotspur ended last season with coach Conte, who raised the team to fourth place in the 2021-22 season and qualified for the UEFA Champions League (UCL). This was because Coach Conte’s tactical ability showed limitations and the team’s performance and atmosphere were not good. Tottenham, who spent the rest of the season going through two replacements, ended up with the worst record of 8th place in the league.

The person Tottenham selected ahead of the new season was manager Postekoglou. Coach Postekoglou, who has worked for the J-League, the Australian national team, and Celtic, is in charge of a world-class big club for the first time, but he is showing excellent leadership and continuing his upward trend in the early season in the Premier League (PL), the world’s best league. Now that the 8th round of the league has ended, Tottenham is ranked 1st.안전놀이터

Good reviews also follow. Not only are they taking care of their grades, but Tottenham’s performance has improved noticeably since Coach Postekoglou took office. Over the past few years, Tottenham has been criticized for playing ‘uninteresting football’ under a succession of managers who pursue defensive-style tactics. However, coach Postekoglou is drawing cheers from fans by using a style of strategy that involves possession of the ball and destroying the opponent’s defense with the players’ organic movements and passes.

Regarding this, the UK’s ‘Football London’ said, “Coach Postekoglou has proven Coach Conte wrong with his success at Tottenham. Although he has not achieved any tangible results yet, it gives the feeling that he can already reach that level.” “It is a far cry from the negative attitude that was felt under Coach Conte a few months ago,” he said, praising Postekoglou.


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