‘Rookie’ Joo Soo-bin ISPS Handa tied for 7th on the second day… Highest expectations for the season

Rookie Joo Soo-bin (19) tied for 7th on the second day of the ISPS Handa World Invitational jointly hosted by the LPGA Tour and DP World Tour.

The second round of the tournament continued on the 19th (Korean time) at Castle Rock Golf Club (par 73) in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Joo Soo-bin lost 1 stroke with 3 birdies, 1 bogey and 1 double bogey, but recorded an even par in the first and second rounds, raising her ranking to a tie for 7th place. Joo Soo-bin tied for 13th at 1 under par at Galgom Castle Golf Club the day before the first day of the tournament. With a 3-stroke difference from sole leader Marisa Steen (USA, 3 under par), she can aim for the second top 10 possibility of the season as well as a championship.

This tournament is held at the same time as the DP World Tour, and the first and second rounds of the tournament are held alternately at Galom Castle and Castle Rock Golf Club, and the third and fourth rounds are held at Galom Castle.

Joo Soo-bin is a rookie who debuted on the LPGA Tour this season after tying for 34th in the qualifying test last year. He had played in 9 contests before this tournament, passed the cut 6 times, and finished in the top 10 once. A tie for 6th at the Shoprite Classic in June is his best result.스포츠토토

While Joo Soo-bin performed best among Korean players, veteran Lee Il-hee (35) lost 3 strokes on the day, but managed to pass the cut with a tie for 32nd (3 over par). Rookie Park Geum-gang (22) scored an 11-over par and Hong Ye-eun (21) only scored a 17-over par, failing to advance to the finals.

Starting in 2021, this competition, which will be held together with the men’s competition, will pass the cut for players in the top 60 after the second round, and after the third round, the final round will be played through two cuts to the top 35.

The third round of the tournament will be broadcast live by JTBC Golf from 8:15 pm on the 19th.


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