‘Scary youngest’ Kim Min-sol “Using my experience in professional competitions, I will definitely win a gold medal”

Kim Min-sol (17), the youngest member of the women’s golf team, expressed her desire to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Min-sol, along with Yoo Hyeon-jo (18) and Lim Ji-yu (18), will compete in the Asian Games to be held at the West Lake International Golf Course in Hangzhou, China from the 28th. The women’s golf team has been consistently winning medals, including Park Gyeol-i winning a silver medal in the women’s individual event at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and a silver medal in the team event at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

This year, the women’s national team was re-formed as the Asian Games were postponed for a year. Originally, Bang Shin-sil, Kim Min-byeol, and Ji-hyeon Jeong were going to compete in the Asian Games, but as the Asian Games were postponed, Bang Shin-sil and Kim Min-byeol chose to turn professional.레고토토

The ones who took that opportunity were Kim Min-sol, Yoo Hyeon-jo, and Lim Ji-yu. Among them, her youngest child, Kim Min-sol, is 178cm tall and her special ability is her slugging power. She has sent shots up to 355 yards in competition on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour.

Kim Min-sol said, “Actually, I didn’t have much time to practice for the Asian Games. I had to keep looking for things to improve while playing in the competition, but I prepared by going to the competition frequently and getting a feel for the actual game.”

He participated in 5 matches in amateur competitions as well as KLPGA tour competitions and finished in the top 10 three times. In particular, she ranked 4th in the Korea Women’s Open.

Since professional players were allowed to participate in this Asian Games, other countries also formed teams on a large scale. China featured Yin Luoning, who ranked first in the world, and India also featured Aditi Ashok.

Kim Min-sol said calmly, “I heard that Yin Luoning was playing, so I looked up his play a lot. I don’t think he is a competitor. I think I can do what I do.”

He laughed, saying, “Course settings would be similar to professional competitions. I played in many professional competitions, and I will try to apply that experience to the Asian Games. My sisters on the KLPGA tour even told me to ‘do it with pride.'”

She then pledged, “The Asian Games is a competition I’ve always wanted to participate in since I was young. My goal is to win a gold medal. The girls I’m going with are also really good girls. I’ll push myself with confidence and achieve good results.”


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