The clock finally turns? A message of hope from NC Changmo Koo

This is the news you’ve been waiting for

‘Left-handed ace’ Gu Chang-mo (26)’s physical condition is on the right track. According to the NC side, as a result of the reexamination on the 11th, the bone density was about 95% full. It’s not completely filled, but it seems that the remaining 5% will recover in about a week or so. At this rate, you can start training your skills from next week. If another variable does not appear, we plan to start a comeback in earnest. It is a part where ‘hope’ can be raised as the NC, which is waiting for Gu Chang-mo, and furthermore, the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) team.

Gu Chang-mo is currently closed due to a fatigue fracture in her left forearm muscle. On June 2, he started against LG in Jamsil, but felt pain in the affected area. He came down the mound himself after only throwing five pitches. His first check-up revealed a micro injury to his forearm flexors. He showed his strong will by going to Japan at his own expense for a speedy recovery. However, he was later diagnosed with a stress fracture of the ulnar bone in his left arm, and the rehabilitation period was extended. He received a positive result in this checkup, which can be an important metric.스포츠토토

Good news. It is a fierce ranking battle. Gu Chang-mo’s addition is a definite power plus. A healthy Gu Chang-mo is an undoubted card. He played 163 games until last year, and he recorded 46 wins and 34 losses with an ERA of 3.74. This is the background of NC signing a large contract worth up to 13.2 billion won for 7 years after the end of last season. He was doing his part this year as well, going 1-3 with an ERA of 3.26 in 9 games. If there’s something I’m missing, it’s the state of my body. Every season I suffered from big and small injuries. He doesn’t remember filling a regular inning yet.

It seems to be an important data for the AG national team as well. Last June, the national team announced the final entry. Koo Chang-mo boarded as a wild card. He is expected to play the role of an ace in the team. He was also out of the first team due to injury at the time, but he saw that he could fully recover by September when the tournament is held. When an injury issue occurred, he made a bold decision as much as possible to replace the entry right before the tournament. I had a lot of worries about the position of Gu Chang-mo, who was rarely heard from. He will continue to watch closely.

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