‘The first A team in my life’ Kim Jun-hong “I will grow into a player recognized by everyone”

 Kim Jun-hong, who was selected for the first team A in his life, conveyed his feelings and determination.

On the 28th, Kim Joon-hong was first named on the list of the national soccer team to participate in the September A match Wales-Saudi Arabia announced by the Korea Football Association.

In response, Kim Joon-hong said through Kim Chun, “It’s an honor. He has no imagination and seems to be in a dreamy mood. I know very well that you were chosen for the future. I will prepare well to live up to expectations,” he said.

Kim Jun-hong, a former Jeonbuk Hyundai U18 (Jeonju Youngsaeng High School), joined Jeonbuk Hyundai through a semi-professional contract in 2021. As a youth, he made four caps for the U17s and 14 caps for the U20s. On the other hand, his total number of appearances in the K-League is only 9. Despite not having many opportunities to show his abilities, Kim Jun-hong’s career went straight to the A team.

Kim Joon-hong, who has more records for participating in the national team by age group, is particularly notable for his performance in the U20 World Cup. He contributed to the legend of the U20 World Cup quarterfinals, and made his first selection in his A national team career alongside Kim Ji-soo (Brentford FC), who he played with at the time.

Kim Joon-hong said, “(Kim) Ji-soo is so good that I haven’t seen him in a while. He’s a younger brother, but I feel like an older brother. It’s nice to train together and I want to show you how to do well together.”

According to the Korea Football Association, Kim Joon-hong’s selection as a national team was largely influenced by the Asian Games team convocation training in early August. In Paju, Köpke’s goalkeeper coach personally checked Kim Jun-hong’s skills and selected him.

Coach Klinsman said, “I was selected to see the possibility of growing into the future of the national team.”

Regarding this, Kim Joon-hong said, “I read director Klinsman’s words in an article and I am familiar with them. At the time of the ‘U20 World Cup Active K-League Media Day’, Kim Jun-hong said,

“I learned a lot from watching Kim Seung-gyu, who played an A match. Kim Jun-hong, who expressed respect for Kim Seung-gyu by revealing that he was very motivated to see him, was named in the A team alongside Kim Seung-gyu.

Regarding this, Kim Jun-hong said, “Everyone says that Kim Seung-gyu is a hexagonal player. He has a lot to learn in all areas, so I am excited and looking forward to training together. He wants to learn the details as a goalkeeper.”

Kim Jun-hong revealed his goal for selecting his top national team during the Asian Games national team convocation training in early August. At the early age of 20, Kim Jun-hong achieved his goal.안전놀이터

Kim Joon-hong said, “It is true that I was selected for the A national team, but I think it is still lacking. He seems to be able to say that he has truly achieved his goal only when he is selected for the A national team when everyone can acknowledge it. I will try to grow into a player worthy of the A team,” he said.

Meanwhile, the national team, including Kim Jun-hong, is scheduled to convene on the 4th of next month to begin training.


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