The number of cases was 4325…’Brain Sports Festival’ Speed Cube World Championship held for the first time in Korea

The cube was invented in 1974 by Rubik’s Cube, a professor of architecture at the Budapest University of Applied Arts in Hungary, and is called Rubik’s Cube after him. It was intended as a teaching aid to help students understand three-dimensional structures, but Rubik found its use as a puzzle toy and patented it the following year. Mass-produced cubes sold like hotcakes in the U.S. and Europe in 1977, sparking a global cube craze.

The basis of the Rubik’s Cube is a cube with a 3X3X3 structure. It’s made up of 20 smaller cubes that rotate around an internal center axis. Players rotate the cube to create a jumbled mess, then fill in each side with pieces of the same color, and compete to see who can do it the fastest.

Beginner’s Guide to 3x3x3 Cube – Blog by Choi, Director, Korea Cube Culture Promotion Association
The number of possible cubes is 4325, 2003, 2744, 8985, 6000. Of these, there is only one complete cube. It’s impossible to get it right by chance. It usually takes 40 to 60 rotations to get the cube to fit quickly. The “God’s Algorithm” for solving the cube in the fewest number of turns is called the minimum number of turns, and mathematicians have concluded that it requires at least 20 turns.

Therefore, solving cubes requires some learning. Beginners only need to know seven formulas, intermediate players need to know around 300, and there are top players who memorize between 1000 and 2000.카지노

Rubik’s Cube players use a standard notation developed by American mathematician David Singmaster to record the cube’s rotation and memorize the cube’s solutions, much like memorizing the moves in Go.

The rotation symbols are labeled after the first letter of the word Up, Down, Right, Left, Front, and Back. Each symbol indicates a 90-degree clockwise rotation while facing that direction. Counterclockwise directions are labeled with a ‘sign’. For example, U means to turn the top of the cube 90 degrees counterclockwise.

The 3x3x3, which consists of three small pieces on each side, is the oldest and most popular of the different shapes of cubes. “4x4x4, 5x5x5, etc., which have an increasing number of pieces, are basically solved by applying the 3x3x3 cube technique,” said Choi Il-gyu (professor of mathematics at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), chairman of the Korea Cube Culture Promotion Association. “It just takes longer to solve because of the large number of pieces, but it is not particularly difficult for players who are familiar with solving cubes.”

The 2013 Rubik’s Cube World Championship in Las Vegas, USA. Courtesy of the Korea Cube Culture Promotion Association
Cube enthusiasts in Korea and abroad are excited for the World Cube Association (WCA) World Championship, which will be held at the Songdo Convensia Exhibition Center in Incheon, South Korea, from December 12 to 15. Hosted by the WCA and organized by the Korea Cube Culture Promotion Association, the tournament is expected to be the largest ever, with a total of 3,000 participants, including 1,400 athletes and 1,600 spectators from 63 countries.

More than 1,000 foreign scouts, who are staying in Incheon after the early evacuation of the Saemangeum Jamboree due to Typhoon Kanun, will also watch the event at the invitation of the city.

The WCA World Championships are held every two years, but with the 2021 event in the Netherlands canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be the first time in four years since the 2019 event in Australia (833 players from 47 countries participated).

There are 17 events in total, including 3x3x3, 2x2x2, blindfolded, one-handed, and pyramid cube, with athletes competing for $45 million in prize money. There will also be a three-man team competition.

The crown jewel of the competition will be the 3x3x3 final on the closing day at 4pm on the 15th. The favorite is world number one Max Park, 21. After breaking the 3x3x3 world record in June with a time of 3.13 seconds, it will be interesting to see if he can rewrite the record in two months.

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