“They play around with Real Madrid every year and it looks good!”… Newcastle defeat → Real fans laughing at Mbappe

PSG (Paris Saint-Germain)’s top star Kylian Mbappe was ridiculed by Real Madrid fans when he remained silent against Newcastle United.

Sports media outlet ‘Tribuna’ reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Real Madrid fans laughed at Kylian Mbappe after Newcastle United defeated PSG.”

PSG lost with a shocking score of 1-4 against Newcastle in the second match of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League group stage held at St. James Park in Newcastle, England on the 5th.

PSG, which is challenging to win the Champions League in the 2023/24 season, was placed in Group F along with AC Milan (Italy), Newcastle United (England), and Borussia Dortmund (Germany) in the group draw, joining the ‘Group of Death’ in the group stage. did. It is difficult to say that all three clubs are ahead of PSG in terms of power, but it is also difficult to say that they are significantly inferior.

Dortmund, a Bundesliga powerhouse, had a fierce competition with Bayern Munich for the rankings until the end of the season last season, but unfortunately allowed a come-from-behind win and ended the season in second place in the league. Milan, a prestigious team in Italy’s Serie A and a seven-time Champions League winner, advanced to the semifinals of the Champions League last season, but failed to advance to the finals after losing to Milan’s rival, Inter Milan. Thanks to capital from the Middle East, Newcastle finished fourth in the Premier League last season and succeeded in advancing to the Champions League finals for the first time in 21 years.

After winning 2-0 in the first group match against Dortmund on the 20th of last month, PSG traveled to Newcastle for the second match. As PSG was considered a candidate to win the tournament, it was expected that they would easily defeat Newcastle even though it was an away game, but the result was the exact opposite, with PSG suffering a crushing defeat.

PSG made a mistake early in the game, and Newcastle, who were desperate for the Champions League stage, did not miss this opportunity and took the lead. In the 17th minute of the first half, Marquinhos’ pass was caught by Bruno Guimaraes in front of the penalty box and connected to Isaac. When Alexander Isak’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and bounced, Miguel Almiron finished it again with a left-footed shot, hitting the PSG net.

Newcastle quickly scored an additional goal. In the 38th minute of the first half, Almiron advanced to the right side of the PSG penalty box with a sharp dribble and drew a foul from Theo Hernández, giving him a free kick opportunity.

The free kick seemed to go through Isaac’s head and the defender’s feet in front of the goal and into the goal, but Donnarumma made a save. Afterwards, defender Dan Byrne headed Guimaraes’ cross, and the shot appeared to have crossed the goal line. The referee checked the video review to determine whether it was offside, and the goal was eventually awarded, giving Newcastle a two-goal lead.

PSG collapsed early in the second half, allowing additional goals. In the 5th minute of the second half, Sean Longstaff, who received an infiltration pass from Trippier and took the opportunity in the space behind the PSG defense, immediately hit a powerful right-footed shot, which hit Donnarumma’s body and shook the PSG net.

In the 11th minute of the second half, Hernández, who received a sharp pass from Warren Zaire-Emery, succeeded in scoring a consolation goal, but the mood had already shifted to Newcastle, and Mbappe’s subsequent efforts were of no use. In the 40th minute of the second half, Mbappe received a pass from Bradley Barcola in front of the arc of the Newcastle penalty box and immediately attempted a mid-range shot, but it went to the side of the goal rather than the goal.

Paris also ignored the decisive counterattack opportunity at the end of the second half. In the counterattack that started with Barcola’s interception in the 41st minute of the second half, Mbappe entered the penalty box, drove the defenders towards him, and handed a cutback pass to Vitinha, who was located in front of the box. Vitinha attempted a direct mid-range shot. It floated over the goal post.안전놀이터

Newcastle, who blocked PSG’s attack, scored a key goal in extra time in the second half. Fabian Shea, who blocked Newcastle’s attack, had a chance to shoot through a 2-on-1 pass with Jacob Murphy, and a powerful shot from the right side of the penalty box arc went into the corner of the goal where Donnarumma could not do anything, resulting in Newcastle’s fourth goal. It exploded. In the end, the game ended with a 4-1 win for Newcastle, who scored 4 goals at home, and PSG fans were shocked by the shocking defeat, not the disappointing defeat.

PSG lost this match against Newcastle and fell to second place in the group. Newcastle, who defeated PSG at home following a draw against Milan last time, moved up to the top of Group F, overtaking PSG as the match between Milan and Dortmund held at the same time ended 0-0.

After the game, fans criticized Mbappe, who did not show much performance against Newcastle. According to soccer statistics media ‘FobMob’, Mbappe created 3 opportunities during the full 90 minutes on this day, but recorded 1 shot, 0 effective shots, and 0 dribble attempts, making him weak in attack. It didn’t have much of an impact.

When Mbappe remained silent against Newcastle, Real Madrid fans especially mocked him on social media.

According to Tribuna, some fans said: “Mbappe deserves this treatment because he plays with Real every summer” and “Did Mbappe think he was doing something against us? Jude Bellingham and Vinny “Come see how Sius Junior is doing at Real,” he said, mocking Mbappe by saying, “Real scored 3 goals, but Mbappe’s PSG gave up 3 goals. A win is a win.”

The reason why Real fans ridicule world-renowned soccer star Mbappe began when he suddenly signed a new contract with PSG last summer after being close to transferring to Real.

At the time, Mbappe’s contract with PSG expired on June 30, 2022. Real has wanted Mbappe for a long time, and Mbappe also considers Real to be his ‘dream club’, so many fans expected Real to sign Mbappe as a free agent.

However, Mbappe chose to stay rather than transfer, signing a two-year renewal with PSG just before his contract expired. The huge salary and bonus had a big influence on the reason why Mbappe chose to stay at PSG. It is reported that Mbappe is currently receiving a weekly salary of 1.75 million euros (about 2.5 billion won) and an annual salary of 84 million euros (about 118 billion won) from PSG.

Mbappe’s change of mind surprised Real fans, and some fans even expressed anger. Real President Florentino Perez was also shocked by Mbappe’s change of mind, saying, “This was not the Mbappe I knew.”

In addition, Mbappe, whose contract with PSG expires in June 2024, still wants to move to Real, and to this end, he even rejected an offer of 700 million euros (about 983.8 billion won) in annual salary from Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal during the summer transfer window. It left the fans dumbfounded.

If there is no renewal of the contract, Mbappe can sign a contract with Real starting in January due to the ‘Bosman Rule’ (a regulation that allows free discussions with overseas clubs six months before the expiration of the contract). PSG is continuously contacting Mbappe and discussing a new contract to avoid giving away the franchise star it has nurtured for free, but there has been no sign of a renewal yet.


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