Thumbs up delightful warning “Voice actor? Not for me”

“(Jang) voice actor? Not for me.”

Outfielder Son Ah-seob (NC) sent out a funny warning. The receivers were Jang Sung-woo and Hwang Jae-gyun (KT). The three played together in Lotte in the past. The years have passed and they have met in different uniforms, but they still boast a strong friendship. Friendship is friendship, and winning is winning. We met on the way to the Korean Series (KS-7 best-of-four). It was a no-holds-barred playoff matchup (PO-5 best-of-three).메이저사이트

Since they know each other so well, their mouths are open. “We’ve been competing since elementary school, but it’s not for me,” Son laughed when Jang Sung-woo’s name came up. “When I go to bat, he (Jang Sung-woo) will unconditionally talk to me and I won’t be able to concentrate. I’ll just listen in one ear and spill out the other and go my own way.” Regarding Hwang Jae-gyun, he said, “It’s not really a friendship. I don’t usually say nice things,” he said, adding, “I’m going to win today and create a situation where I can make fun of (Hwang) Jae-gyun.”

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