‘Top Hung Min’ destructive power is much stronger than expected! EPL Gonghom analyzes “on par with Holland”

The destructive power of “center forward” Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) has turned out to be much more threatening than expected.

The official website of the English Premier League (EPL) reported on the 15th (KST) that “Son Heung-min has emerged as a contender for FPL (Fantasy Premier League) captaincy by switching roles.

FPL is a game that allows fans to customize their squads each round and then earn points based on actual results to accumulate as many points as possible over the course of a season.

For example, if a player you start actually scores a goal in that round, you’ll get four points for a striker and five points for a midfielder. You’ll also need to choose a captain and vice-captain, which are worth double points. The captain is the player you think will do the best.

In the EPL, “Son Heung-min moved to the front line and scored a hat-trick against Burnley in Round 4. Heung-min was the top-selling player in the FPL in Week 5. Over half a million people chose Son Heung-min.안전놀이터

Among other data, the EPL took note of the ‘xG delta’ value.

The EPL explains, “xG is the expected goal. xGdelta is a metric that measures how many more goals a player scored compared to xG. Son Heung-min has an xGdelta of +1.88. This shows his ability to create more scoring chances than expected.

AFP Yonhap

AFP Yonhap
The EPL says: “The most eye-catching number is xGdelta. It proves he is an elite finisher. Son Heung-min has finished in the top three in three of the last five seasons. This is even more striking when compared to Elling Holland (Manchester City) last season. Heung-min posted a career-high +7.26 in the 2020-2021 season. Last year, Holland’s was +7.34,” he said.

“Basically, Son was on par with Holland in that he scored more goals than expected when he was at his most versatile.

The EPL argued that Son is better suited to the center than the flanks.

‘Ultimately, the outlook for the rest of the season depends on where Heung-min plays. The first three games have shown that he is better suited as a center forward than a wide player. He has regained his best form since moving to the center. This is good news for Tottenham fans and fantasy managers alike.


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