Toray reunited with Korea Expressway Corporation… “I’m so glad… “I will learn a lot”

The Japan V-League Toray Arrows, who met with Korea Expressway Corporation in the V-League Women’s Division, expressed their delight.

Korea Expressway Corporation will conduct field training in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan from the 28th of last month to September 9th. The first training partner, Toray Arrows, is a Japanese V-League runner-up team (ranked first in the regular league), and has been in a relationship with Korea Expressway Corporation since 2000. Recently, exchanges have stopped for a while due to Corona 19, but from this year, we will continue to meet again. Korea Expressway Corporation won the league after field training in Japan five years ago.

The team is looking for new motivation. Looking back at five years ago, Korea Expressway Corporation captain Myung-ok Lim said, “At the time, I felt that there was a big difference in skills, and I really thought that the volleyball we played was not real volleyball. It was a time to realize many things.” It is explained that because of such awakening, he was able to achieve the combined championship.메이저사이트

The players who started their first overseas field training also expressed their expectations. Lee Yoon-jung said, “Japanese volleyball is sophisticated and detailed. “I want to learn a lot through this training camp,” he said. Rookie Lee Ye-eun also said, “I thought it was really good to be able to play against such a good team (Toray) in Japan, which is my first time going there.” Go Eui-jeong, who recently joined the team, added his strength by saying, “I think I will be able to get along with my sisters faster while playing the game.”

Additionally, the athletes had time to eat and interact together. Choi Ga-eun, who joined last May, said, “It was really fun,” and added, “I went to Japan for training last year when I was at Pepper Savings Bank, but COVID-19 was so severe at the time that I didn’t have a chance to talk to the players.” Freshman Park Eun-ji expressed her joy by taking pictures with Japanese players she met on the youth team last summer.

Japanese players were also delighted with the exchange. Nishikawa Yoshino, a former member of the Japanese youth national team, said, “I was really happy when they told me that I would have a practice match with Korea Expressway Corporation. I want to learn how to deal with strong and tall teams.” He said he likes Korean culture and has been studying Korean for a month. He introduced himself in Korean at a dinner party held on August 30th.

There was also a Japanese staff member looking for Moon Jeong-won, who had been selected to the national team. Shino Nakata, who serves as the manager of the Toray team after retiring from active duty, said, “The left-handed striker I played against as a player five years ago was really talented even though he was not tall,” and expressed regret, “I wanted to meet him, but it seems he didn’t come this time.” Nakata, who was convinced when he said, “I went to the national team,” was surprised by the word “Libero there.”

Japanese fans also showed interest in Korea Expressway Corporation and Korean volleyball. About 100 spectators visited the practice game (2-2 draw) on August 31st. Masaki Maeda said, “I was deeply impressed by Korea’s strength and ability to find space well. I hope there will be more opportunities to see games like this in the future.” During the interview, Japanese fans asked, “Where did number 13 (Banya Bukirichi) come from? The spikes are really strong”, “Number 4 (Jeon Sae-yan) was also impressive. What kind of player are you?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Korea Expressway Corporation continues exchanges with Toray in Korea. The Toray volleyball team, which will enter Korea on the 20th, is scheduled to hold an open practice match at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 23rd.

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