Tottenham, Kane replacement ‘surprise candidate’ appeared… ‘Celtic disciple’ finally brought in → brought in from Saudi Arabia

It is known that Tottenham coach Angie Postecoglu is considering even a student from Celtic with the goal of strengthening the attacking team.

British media ’90min’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Tottenham is also pursuing Brennan Johnson while considering Diogo Jota,” reporting news related to Tottenham’s transfer market.

Tottenham, who is spending their first season under the Angie Postecoglu system, is showing a good atmosphere at the beginning of the season through steady reinforcement this summer. He brought in Guglielmo Vicario to replace Hugo Lloris, who was the main goalkeeper, and later recruited James Madison and Mickey Van der Pen to reinforce the midfield and defense, which Tottenham were sorry for.

However, Tottenham’s problem is still a lack of attack. With Harry Kane leaving for Bayern Munich, Son Heung-min is the only player who is evaluated as the top player in the league in a situation where the weight of the attacking team has dropped significantly.

Hisharlisson and Dejan Kulusevski are getting opportunities, but their skills continue to fall short of expectations, and Manor Solomon has not yet finished adjusting. Other than that, Brian Hill, Ivan Perisic, and Giovanni Lo Celso are still questionable resources.

In the end, Tottenham is working hard to reinforce additional attacking resources until the end of the transfer market. Initially, the possibility of signing Romelu Lukaku was raised, but Lukaku wants to return to the Italian stage and is close to transferring to AS Roma.

There are two players that 90min has selected as Tottenham’s recruit candidates. The media first said, “Tottenham is chasing Johnson. However, Nottingham Forest is reluctant to sell, and can consider selling for an amount of 50 million pounds (approximately 83.4 billion won).”

Brennan Johnson has already played for Nottingham and has proven his mettle in the Premier League. He drew attention in the last 2022/23 season as Nottingham’s main striker, appearing in 38 matches and recording 8 goals and 3 assists. Along with his fast main force, he also has the versatility to cover all areas of the offensive area last season, so it is a resource that Tottenham can fully target.

The second player to be named is Jota, a student of Postecoglu during his Celtic days. 90min explained that Tottenham could aim for Celtic forward Jota, saying, “Tottenham has confirmed the possibility of signing Jota. Jota has been made possible by Al Ittihad. He is a versatile winger who can play on both sides.” .

Jota played for Celtic from 2021 to July 2023 and was coached by Postecoglu. At that time, Jota played an active role in both wing positions and showed decent scoring ability, scoring 28 points in 85 games.메이저사이트

Jota joined Al Ittihad this summer after Postecoglu’s departure to Tottenham. He signed a three-year contract with Al Ittihad at a transfer fee of 25 million pounds (approximately 41.7 billion won) to Celtic, but news that he wanted to leave Al Ittihad in just one month was transmitted, and the transfer became influential.

Al Ittihad are trying to bring in Mohamed Salah as his replacement, with news that Jota wants a move. The news that he prepared a huge salary for Salah, who was a recruitment target for the next season, was known through British media.

From Tottenham’s point of view, if he brings a relatively cheap helm compared to Johnson, it is expected that there will be no big problem in adapting and using it because coach Postecoglu, who has already coached him, has taken the team command. However, it seems that there will be controversy over whether Jota will be able to play the frontline role that was initially aimed for with Johnson recruitment.

If Jota joins Tottenham, he is likely to replace Kulusevski or serve as Son Heung-min’s backup. He was basically active in the right winger position, and is a style that is good at counterattacks using both feet freely. Considering Son Heung-min’s solid position, coach Postecoglu is highly unlikely to use Jota as a starting star on the left wing. That said, it is unknown whether he can be placed in the middle. In any case, some of the 170 billion won generated after selling Kane to Munich is expected to be invested in recruiting Jota.

While Tottenham, which is working hard to reinforce the striker at the end of the transfer market, is contemplating between the resources proven in the Premier League and former pupils of coach Postecoglu, it seems necessary to recruit an attacker to add variety to this season’s rebound.

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