Will Korea University’s Kim Soo-hyun decorate his first and last stage with ‘Legend’?

“Even if we lose all other games, we have to win the regular game.”

Athletes from five athletic teams competed fiercely in numerous games in the 2023 season. They all say in unison, “Regular warfare is special.” There was an explosive concentration of interest, and even a wave of support from students that seemed to pierce the sky. Regular games are the eternal dream and joy of Korea University student-athletes.

Among them, the captains of each sports department have a great sense of responsibility. These are the people who have become the pillars of the team and are heading into the final regular game. The ‘regular exhibition special’ that will decorate the start of the second semester of the 2023 school year. STN

Will Kim Soo-hyun be able to decorate what will be his first and last stage as a legend?

Korea University and Yonsei University are prestigious soccer universities that have produced many players who have become mainstays of Korean soccer. The two schools are preparing for the final game of the regular season at 2 p.m. on the 9th.

If Kim Soo-hyun, captain of the Korea University soccer team, plays this game, it will be his first regular game. He is strengthening his will ahead of what could be his first and last game.

There is a reason why this regular match could be Kim Soo-hyun’s first and last. During the freshman and sophomore years, regular games were not held due to COVID-19. In 2022, he was unable to participate in regular games due to injury. For that reason, he is an indispensable member of the team and is preparing for his first regular game.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “I couldn’t play last year’s regular game due to an injury, so this year I’m playing the regular game for the first time. We lost last year in soccer. I think we have to win at all costs to make up for that humiliation. I just want to repay you with a win unconditionally.”

He continued, “We lost 0-1 in soccer last year. After the game, we took the bus down to Chamsari-gil, and there students from both schools were shouting “Korea University idiots” and “Solidarity idiots.” We felt like real idiots. “When our classmates saw us, they gave us words of encouragement and said, “It’s the soccer team!”, but I just wanted to hide in a hole. I don’t want to go through that again this year, and I’m definitely going to make up for it by winning.”

Seniors also gave Kim Soo-hyun generous advice. He explained, “My former captain, Kang-yeon Kim (19th grade, Physical Education), told me, ‘On the day of the game, you won’t really hear anything and you’ll be very nervous, so shake off those thoughts and try to have some fun.'”

Kim Soo-hyun expressed his bold determination, saying, “A tiger cannot lose to a sparrow. I will tear the sparrows apart,” but his analysis of power was cool-headed. He said, “If you look at power alone, it is similar. However, power does not determine the win or loss of the game. I think the result will vary depending on which team is more immersed on the day of the game. No matter what, the fact remains that we will win.” .토토사이트

Korea University is working hard to win the regular game. Kim Soo-hyun said about the team’s focus ahead of the game, “Basically, we are doing a lot of physical exercise. We go out to the field in the morning and run hard, and then go out to the field again in the afternoon and play hard. We repeat the routine. Last year, there was a lack of tactical diversity. “I thought I did it, so this year I’m also refining tactics related to various movements in the offensive area.”

Also, I am armed mentally. He explained, “Unlike other games, regular games are a tradition that has been going on since ancient times. Yonsei University is our biggest rival, and a team we can never afford to lose to. So, when we prepare, we focus more and work hard.” did.

In the process, Kim Soo-hyun, as the captain, gets along with his juniors, sometimes like a friend and sometimes sternly. Kim Soo-hyun said, “It’s a captain who tries to maintain an equal relationship between seniors and juniors regardless of superiority and inferiority. It’s not easy, but we create an atmosphere where each person can freely show off their individuality. It’s not an old-fashioned captain (laughter). After becoming captain, “I started looking at my cell phone a lot. I have to keep communicating with the players and check the schedule carefully. Although the soccer team aims for a free atmosphere, sometimes I say things,” he said.

When asked about what the audience should pay attention to, Kim Soo-hyun said, “Please focus when we have the ball. Each of our players has excellent abilities, so it will be fun to watch them beat the Yonsei players with their individual abilities!” He once again expressed his confidence in the team.

Kim Soo-hyun has a routine before a game. Listening to ‘Don’t Touch’, the OST of the movie ‘Legend’ featuring Tom Hardy. Kim Soo-hyun said, “Before the game, while taking a shower, I listen to the song ‘Don’t Touch’, which is the OST of the movie ‘Legend’ with Tom Hardy. When I hear that song, I get on fire. So I always listen to that song before the game.” .

Will Kim Soo-hyun be able to become a legend on what will be his first and last stage after preparing for the game with ‘Don’t Touch’? The answer lies in the regular soccer game held at 2 p.m.


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