Working from home without permanent residency in Korea ‘controversy’… Klinsman’s explanation “There is exaggeration and excessiveness in concluding.”

“I think it is an exaggeration to conclude that I do not live in Korea.”

Soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann has recently been embroiled in controversy over his stay in Korea. It is also true that coach Klinsman, who took over in March, spent much more time abroad than in Korea. Moreover, he recently appeared on a panel of the sports media ‘ESPN’ and dealt with overseas football issues such as Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) and Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), which have nothing to do with the national football team.

In the end, coach Klinsman held a video press conference with domestic media on the 17th. It was an unusual non-face-to-face press conference. Coach Klinsman was asked about his stay in Korea. When he took office, he promised to reside in Korea. Director Klinsman said, “I think it is an exaggeration to conclude that I do not live in Korea. The July-August schedule was the schedule promised before signing the contract with Korea. He went to Europe and he also saw Son Heung-min (Tottenham),” he refuted the criticism that he does not reside in Korea.

At the same time, he explained that he watched several games in Korea. Coach Klinsman said, “I watched the team K-League match from the field. It’s not like they don’t come to Korea at all. I think there is a bit too much,” he said. “The way I communicate and observe players is different from 20 to 30 years ago. Although we may meet in person, we are still in constant contact and observing. We need to prepare for the Asian Cup and the World Cup as well. It is not limited to Korea, but it should be seen more broadly and work. In the second half of the year, I will be in Korea longer,” he explained, observing players non-face-to-face is not a problem.

Instead of coach Klinsman, coach Michael Kim and advisor Cha Doo-ri are mainly watching K-League games. For this reason, there is also a perception that you can go to the national team only if you are in the eyes of the tea advisor. There are also voices that he has an overly European bias ahead of the Asian Cup in January next year.토토사이트

Director Klinsman also refuted this view. “I watch as many games as possible. Cha advisor and coach Michael Kim are also watching. Also, for the past 10 days, coaches Stringara and Goepke have personally watched the game. The same goes for hair chokes. I also went to watch high school and college games. We continue to check and see many players,” he emphasized.

Coach Klinsman, who said, “The national team must try to build the best team within 30 people,” said repeatedly that he was observing the squad. “The roster in June has changed a lot. It remains to be seen how much will change in the future. We will try to discover more players and find suitable players. I understand the players’ desire to get more chances. However, the national team must judge the quality and ability. no one can come I want to tell you that I am watching,” he said.

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