Yankees, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle… Where is Lee Jeong-hoo, whom Kang Jeong-ho recommended to go to San Diego?

As the Major League Baseball offseason approaches, interest from local American media in Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) is increasing.

Lee Jeong-hoo will challenge the major league with a posting after this season.

Currently, it is known that the San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, and Seattle Mariners are showing interest in Lee Jung-hoo. As time passes, the number of teams that will be keeping an eye on Lee Jeong-hoo is expected to increase.

Recently, MLBTR reported that the San Francisco Giants are very active in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo. There is also a rumor that the team leader was sent to Korea.

It appears that Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) was encouraged by his successful soft landing in the major leagues.

San Francisco is currently in desperate need of an outfielder. In particular, reinforcement in center field is needed.

Adding Lee Jeong-hoo as a new regular center fielder means sending Mike Yastrem and Austin Slater to corner outfielders.레고토토

Top prospect Luis Matos is expected to be a center fielder in 2024, but when Lee Jung-hoo joins, Matos is expected to play a part-time role.

Also, in the case of the Yankees, there were reports that he could fill the center field or left field position.

San Diego is highly likely to recruit Lee Jeong-hoo following Kim Ha-seong. He could replace center fielder Trent Grisham.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates’ Kang Jung-ho also hoped that Lee Jung-hoo would play with Kim Ha-seong in San Diego.

SeattleFor the Mariners, three players – Teoscar Hernández, Eugenio Suárez, and Julio Rodriguez – were in the MLB’s top 10 in strikeouts this season.

Sodomojo pointed out that the trio’s recent poor contact has cost the team in critical situations with runners in scoring position and led to unproductive outs.

Therefore, if Seattle is unable to re-sign Hernández, who struck out 211 times, Lee Jeong-hoo could be an alternative option.

The media also emphasized that Lee Jung-hoo played mostly as a center fielder and had a better defensive range than Hernández with a career fielding percentage of 0.992.


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