‘Youth Restaurant’ Seongnam FC wins Region 4 of the National Elementary School Soccer League

 Seongnam FC’s youth U-12 team won the 4th region of the 2023 National Elementary Soccer League match.

The Seongnam U-12 team has maintained its reputation as a youth team by winning the region with an average of 5.5 goals per game. The result is the passion of coach Dong-hee Cho and the coaching staff, who have been with the club for a long time and deliver systematic teachings from the players’ perspective that embody Seongnam’s vision to the players.메이저사이트

Seongnam U-12 team coach Cho Dong-hee said, “I am really grateful to the players who followed along, even though they must have been very tired from back-to-back summer competitions. Even after the training was over, we had time to work with the players to reinforce any areas they were lacking. “This precious time came together and led to good results.”

He continued, “We were able to have a good season this season thanks to the parents’ loud cheering and generous support at every game. I’m really proud of the players and a big thank you to the club. “I will prepare well with the players for the remaining competitions,” he said.

Seongnam Club maintains a virtuous cycle within the club, with more than 90% of Seongnam U-12 6th grade players being promoted to Seongnam U-15. In addition, we are conducting U-12 and U-10 open tests in the second half of 2023 to select promising players who will be with the club long-term.

Seongnam said, “There are great players with both skill and character. The internal promotion rate of players has also increased, attracting a lot of attention from parents, and it is considered a team expected to foster youth players. “We plan to provide generous support to the youth leaders and Seongnam FC youth players who are laying the foundation for the youth system,” he said.


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